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Man walking up Borassus palm by means of loop of forest cane.

Tree ferns, Ikelemba forest

Cotton grown in Catumbella, Angola

Congo tree which bears fruit on its trunk

Mr. Harris in bamboo avenue at Lisala, Stanley Falls District

Birds' nest and grass from the Kasai

Palm tree in grip of parasite, Kasai River

Red blossom on trunk of tree, Kasai forest

Flowering palm at Lukolela, upper Congo

Parasite which grips the palm tree – in its early stage

Elephant plant in dry season

A field of white water-lilies, Maringa River

A Congo forest fruit, considered by the natives to resemble the imported pineapple, to which they give the same name

Acacia avenue at Barumba on main Congo. Opposite mouth of the Aruwimi

A bunch of young bananas with edible purple seed lobe

Henequen plant on roadside of San Thomé

Palm in grip of parasite

Young Borassus palm at Leopoldville

A bowl of white water-lilies, Maringa

A mango tree with fruit Leopoldville