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S. S. Hemptinne on the Kasai River

View on Kasai River

Canoe at Baringa racing alongside that carrying Mr. and Mrs. Harris and carriers

Steamer on Kasai River, carrying to the railhead an agent of the Katanga Company far gone in sleeping sickness

S. S. Lapsley on Kasai River

Canoe carrying produce on Aruwimi River

Railway steamer on Kasai River

Canoeing on the Aruwimi. Mrs. Harris and native attendants in foreground

View of Baringa beach with mission steamer Pioneer at anchor

Canoe laden with produce, Lulanga River. Upper Congo

Canoe with produce on the Aruwimi

Steamers Livingstone and Endeavour in Bolengi beach, near Coquilhatville. Upper Congo

Mr. Harris greeting old chief on Bopoto Beach, upper Congo

Chinaman at Gabon who helped to build the Congo railway

Native slaver with slave on either hand. Found on board S. S. Sapele on which Mr. and Mrs. Harris travelled to Angola

Watering the engine with buckets on Mayumbe railway

Bullock carts in Loanda

Bullock wagon on paved road in Loanda

Street scene, Benguella

Mr. Harris writing on board the S. S. Lapsley, Kasai River